What is Semi permanent Makeup?
Semi-Permanent Makeup is a method of implanting Organic color pigment into the skin to create a lasting cosmetic effect. Makeup can be as soft or dramatic as you like.

How long does Semi permanent cosmetics last?
The treatment is Semi permanent, it will last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. Exposure to sun, skin peels and cleansing lotions make it fade faster.

Is the Semi permanent cosmetic procedure safe?
Yes, the semi permanent procedure is applied under strict sterilization rules. Single use sterile needles and machine parts are used for each client. You can be assured that all materials are properly disposed of, promoting the safest, most sanitary method available.

Does the procedure hurt?
Comfort levels may vary from person to person, however, with our prescription topical anesthetics, patients find the treatment very tolerable. Afterwards, you will be provided with a soothing gel and cold compresses that may help with any discomfort.

Can I return to work or go out immediately?
Yes, most people find very little swelling or discomfort and can go out immediately after the procedure. The treatment for the first week or so will be up to 20- 30% more intense than the final color. After the procedure is healed, you shall enjoy your new and natural look!

Can I do this if I’m pregnant?
Yes, the organic vegetable ink is perfectly safe to use.