Natalie was so wonderful, she truly is an exceptional artist. I’m very happy with the results! – Jodie Lavine

I can wake up and look beautiful without putting on makeup, and my husband loves it. – Jennifer G.

I had my eyebrows with Natalie i’m so glad i did it, it completely enhanced my face, i should have had this done years ago. Thanks Nat! – Amanda Peterson

I have a very stressful job, putting on makeup in the morning takes so much of my time, especially since I have kids. Ever since i’ve had my brows and eyeliner done, I feel like i never waste time in the morning- Ilana K

Before getting my brows done, i was really scared because i’ve never had any permanent makeup done, i told her, what if i regret this? Natalie assured me that the only thing i’ll regret, is not having it done sooner.. She was right! I should have done this years ago! Thank you! – Dana Clark

I had my eyebrows done a year ago with a manual tool and they were great for a few weeks, but faded fast and got really yellow. Then I met Natalie, and that all changed. For once in my life I finally look like I have natural eyebrows. She’s SO GOOD WITH COLOR! Thanks Natalie! I LOVE them! – Tyler Galt